Friday, January 20, 2017

Reflection of my digital leader final project

I have now completed my final project showing how I have become a digital leader, I chose to use the schoology portfolio as my platform and I dictated my presentation to an audience that was both in the room and online via Periscope. Overall I am proud of myself for creating a presentation that (hopefully) showed how I have become a digital leader and showed my audience what a digital leader is and what proof I have that I have become one. I am proud of the fact that I had the ambition to dictate my presentation rather than just making a video because I feel it helped get my point across better and I think that that shows my personal growth as a presenter and I credit that to this class. I feel as though I could have explained things maybe in a bit more depth to really be sure everyone listening had a good understanding of what my evidence was and how each evidence proved each criteria. However, I am proud because I feel as though my evidence was relevant and really did show the criteria and it proved that I am indeed a digital leader now. I think I could have maybe provided more projects for each criteria, I did not incorporate all the projects we did over this semester and I think that if I had it may have helped even more so to prove that I am a digital leader now and I have met every criteria. During this process it was challenging for me to decide which evidence best supports which criteria, some of them could fit for a few different evidence strands so I had to decide which best supported me being a digital leader in that category. I overcame this problem by going over my projects and just trying to get two different things to show for each criteria. A success for me during this project was how I could prove how I have become a digital leader, I realized that I have come a long way since the beginning of the semester and I am very pleased that I have been successful in my efforts to become a digital leader.

I feel my greatest strength was the second evidence, to empower others with no voice. I feel this because my evidence for this criteria was the wall of kindness and I feel that the wall of kindness was a very big project that was very important in bringing people kindness and empowering people who feel they have no voice to use their voices for goodness and kindness. 

I feel my greatest weakness was evidence 1, to share your learning and promote learning. I feel this way because although it was evidence that proved I did share my learning and promote learning, I was just some tweets and I feel it could be more convincing if it was a project we did in class that was on a larger scale and took more time than just tweets that someone can do quickly and not really care about. Nevertheless, I am proud of myself for that evidence too, it just was not as strong as some of my others.

I feel as though I could've improved on the above criteria that my audience voted on. 8 out of 29 people said that I did not maintain eye contact for the majority of the presentation, I absolutely feel that next time I present a project I will try to focus on being sure that I make an adequate amount of eye contact to various members in the audience to further engage them into my presentation. 

Two pieces of advice I would give to someone trying to prove that they are a digital leader is to first be sure that they are one. They should evaluate all of their platforms and take a look at other people's platforms who are considered to be digital leaders so that they know what their accounts should look like and what they should and should not post to be considered digital leaders. Secondly, they should really try to promote good causes online and be very uplifting to others, they should be upstanders and just generally be a good person on and offline, being a good person offline is just as important to being a good person online.

Here is the link to my portfolio that I used for my digital leader final project and I encourage you all to comment and let me know what you think about this project and this blog!