Thursday, December 22, 2016

What am I? A bystander, perpetuator, or upstander?

A person who is meeting me virtually for the first time would hopefully say I am an upstander. An upstander is someone who stands up against bullies and gets the word out about good causes that should be supported.

An example of how I am an upstander is, on twitter I retweeted a poem about drunk driving so that everyone can be aware of the consequences and can keep in mind and just have a reminder of the importance of being responsible.

Another example of how I am an upstander is, on twitter I retweeted a video about spreading kindness and it helps to remind people that doing good and kind deeds is not that hard, you just have to be good to others and try to brighten up someone else's day in any little way that you can.

One last example of how I am an upstander is in my school. Theresa and I set up a project in our school called the wall of kindness. How it works is, there are sticky notes and pens in a bag on the wall next to the area of the wall that has a border around it and is designated for the wall of kindness. On these sticky notes people are encouraged to write anything kind, it can be a favorite inspiring quote or a shout out to someone for being kind or really anything else you could think of to help spread kindness and happiness.

1) If someone sees a person being bullied and does not take a stand against it they are being just as bad as the person who is doing the bullying because although they are not encouraging it they are not stopping it either and letting it continue is just about the same thing as doing it yourself.

If someone were to share a post or message to a person that was put out there to bully someone they would also be just as bad as the person who posted it, more so than the bystander would be because they are encouraging it to continue through their actions and their posts on their own social media.

2) If someone is not personally in a position to be able to stand up to a bully for whatever reason, one thing they could do it tell a trusted adult and hopefully they can help. They could also report the bullying to the site if it is online or to the school if it is happening in school etc.

3) If I were being bullied I personally would be more offended by the actions of those who witnessed it than the actions of the bully. People can bully and be very mean but when others around do not stand up for you and just let the bullies take control of the situation and be horribly mean to people that just makes everything worse. Those who witness bullying should always try to be upstanders and help rather than being bystanders and just letting it happen.