Friday, November 18, 2016

Extension Activity: Review of my social brand

My social brand is something that I have not been very concerned or even aware about until recently. I have a few different social media accounts, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. I had never been very conscious of what my digital image was and I never considered my digital image to be very important or to have any sort of large affect on me but that is not the case. Your social brand is much more than you may realize, I'd like to think that now that I am more aware of how important my social brand really is, my social brand has improved because of it. I've come to realize that sometimes all you need to improve your social brand is to think about it. Now, when I am about to post something I will think to myself, "Would this be good for my social brand?" or "Would I want everyone to see this?" it is simple questions like those that can really be the big difference between a good and bad social brand. It is not a hard thing to do to keep up a good social brand if you just be smart about being online and always put the best possible you forward through the internet and elsewhere.

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