Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Social Branding

In class we have learned about social branding and I made a project on it. I feel that in researching I have learned much more about this topic that I can now share with others. Social Branding is when you construct your online image to appear a certain way to others. It is very important to have a good social brand because it can help you get farther in life and you really never know who could be researching you so you want to make sure the best aspects of you is always what is seen!

Some tips I have are: Only post things you would be proud for everyone to see, if you wouldn't then don't post it. Secondly, you should always think about how something will affect you and your social brand before posting it, think before you post! Lastly, you should regularly review your social brand to see what you should do differently and what you can do to improve it.

Some helpful platforms to put you on the right path to having a successful social brand are:
- Zeemee
- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn

But you are not limited to just these platforms, you can use any platform that you can come up with that will help you and your social brand, be creative and proactive about your social brand!

Always keep in mind that social branding can help you:
- look good to potential employers
- show your interests to anyone who sees your social media
- look better in the eyes of colleges looking at you

Never forget that even the smallest of actions can help you improve your social brand which as a result can help you in almost all aspects of life if you use it wisely.

My experience in class using two new platforms

The first new platform that I used was Powtoons. I found that Powtoons was a very useful site for getting my information across while also keeping my project entertaining enough to not be boring. I would suggest for someone to use Powtoons if they needed a platform to use and wanted to make a video or a slideshow, it has both options within it. You can also do a number of amazing things like adding music and animating your words to come in at a certain time in a certain way. It was useful for my project and was virtually easy to use.

The second new platform that I used was Glogster. Although Glogster is much different than Powtoons it was equally as useful. Instead of being in a video format it is in the format of a video poster that can be put up onto the smartboard and spoken to your audience. The only thing with this program that could possibly be an issue is if you do not want to have to speak for your presentation then I would not use this one because there is no video format so your audience would have to just read your information off the board which could result in being boring for them. However, it is good for many things, it has very interesting text bubbles and you can easily input pictures or anything else that you need to. This one was also overall easy to use and is something I would suggest for other to use in the future.

Overall I think either of these platforms would be useful for a project for a student or teacher to use. With both of these platforms your audience will stay entertained and it will help you teach others about whatever given topic you are trying to teach.