Thursday, December 22, 2016

What am I? A bystander, perpetuator, or upstander?

A person who is meeting me virtually for the first time would hopefully say I am an upstander. An upstander is someone who stands up against bullies and gets the word out about good causes that should be supported.

An example of how I am an upstander is, on twitter I retweeted a poem about drunk driving so that everyone can be aware of the consequences and can keep in mind and just have a reminder of the importance of being responsible.

Another example of how I am an upstander is, on twitter I retweeted a video about spreading kindness and it helps to remind people that doing good and kind deeds is not that hard, you just have to be good to others and try to brighten up someone else's day in any little way that you can.

One last example of how I am an upstander is in my school. Theresa and I set up a project in our school called the wall of kindness. How it works is, there are sticky notes and pens in a bag on the wall next to the area of the wall that has a border around it and is designated for the wall of kindness. On these sticky notes people are encouraged to write anything kind, it can be a favorite inspiring quote or a shout out to someone for being kind or really anything else you could think of to help spread kindness and happiness.

1) If someone sees a person being bullied and does not take a stand against it they are being just as bad as the person who is doing the bullying because although they are not encouraging it they are not stopping it either and letting it continue is just about the same thing as doing it yourself.

If someone were to share a post or message to a person that was put out there to bully someone they would also be just as bad as the person who posted it, more so than the bystander would be because they are encouraging it to continue through their actions and their posts on their own social media.

2) If someone is not personally in a position to be able to stand up to a bully for whatever reason, one thing they could do it tell a trusted adult and hopefully they can help. They could also report the bullying to the site if it is online or to the school if it is happening in school etc.

3) If I were being bullied I personally would be more offended by the actions of those who witnessed it than the actions of the bully. People can bully and be very mean but when others around do not stand up for you and just let the bullies take control of the situation and be horribly mean to people that just makes everything worse. Those who witness bullying should always try to be upstanders and help rather than being bystanders and just letting it happen.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Extension Activity: Review of my social brand

My social brand is something that I have not been very concerned or even aware about until recently. I have a few different social media accounts, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. I had never been very conscious of what my digital image was and I never considered my digital image to be very important or to have any sort of large affect on me but that is not the case. Your social brand is much more than you may realize, I'd like to think that now that I am more aware of how important my social brand really is, my social brand has improved because of it. I've come to realize that sometimes all you need to improve your social brand is to think about it. Now, when I am about to post something I will think to myself, "Would this be good for my social brand?" or "Would I want everyone to see this?" it is simple questions like those that can really be the big difference between a good and bad social brand. It is not a hard thing to do to keep up a good social brand if you just be smart about being online and always put the best possible you forward through the internet and elsewhere.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

My review of the chrome extension RatherNice

Rather Nice:

This is a simple program that can be helpful to you in unexpected ways. There are so many apps and extensions that are only work related, something to make your day just a little bit better is something we could all use. This program is simple, all you do is open up a new tab in chrome and it will pop up on your screen with a nice message for you. An example of one of these messages is “Your eyes are like beautiful oceans” or “I don’t need a vacation with you around”. This may seem a bit strange and in some ways maybe it is, but if you are ever feeling down it could become more useful than you might think. If you are having a stressful day with work or school then you could just take a moment and open up one of these “Rather nice” messages and it just may brighten up your day a bit. One major highlight for this extension is how simple it is to use, all you have to do is open a new tab and there it is. The only lowlight with this extension would be that the picture does not change and it really is very simple which in some case could be perceived as boring for some people depending on the person and what they tend to prefer. Overall, this is a nice extension that will indeed "change your day, a tab at a time" just as it claims to.

The chart below is what I used to give Rather Nice a rating with stars.

Appeal looks and sounds: 2 out of 4 stars. This is because although it is a good extension I would not say that it goes above and beyond in its looks. It only really has one screen in which only the words change, the picture is always the same. It is an extension that is more about the words than making the picture oftly exciting but the water glass is cute so that is a plus!
Engagement/ Motivation: 2.5 out of 4 stars. This rating is because I am engaged for the beginning of when I open one of these messages but after a while you do get a little bit bored because the picture is the same the entire time. On the other hand though it is something that keeps you wanting to open more messages if you like your previous message, it truly is something that just has to do with a person's preferences.
User friendly directions and instructions: 3.5 out of 4 stars. This is a very easy extension to use, it is simple which is something that is very much appreciated. However, no direct directions were specifically given out, it just told me where to click if I want to open the extension and that is it, although, it is not really an extension that you should need directions for because it is not something for you to use so much as it is just something there to help you and brighten your day so directions are arguably unnecessary.
Performance/ Ease of Use: 4 out of 4 stars. This is because I have never had this extension buffer or have any sort of issues while I have used it. I would also say that it does perform well and it is very reliable.
Differentiation in Learning: 1 out of 4 stars. This is because firstly there is no customization which I believe would be a very beneficial thing to add to this program. This is also because in following this star rubric there is no level of difficultly so to speak because it is just words to motivate you it is not really anything that challenges you to complete any sort of task.

Overall I gave this program 13 out of 20 stars which is a good rating according to this chart. I gave this rating because I do think that this is a good extension however it is a little bit boring. Some customization would really make this extension better. On the other hand though I do think that it is an excellent program for helping someone feel better when they are down and it is very nice to get a nice message whenever you open a new tab.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Social Branding

In class we have learned about social branding and I made a project on it. I feel that in researching I have learned much more about this topic that I can now share with others. Social Branding is when you construct your online image to appear a certain way to others. It is very important to have a good social brand because it can help you get farther in life and you really never know who could be researching you so you want to make sure the best aspects of you is always what is seen!

Some tips I have are: Only post things you would be proud for everyone to see, if you wouldn't then don't post it. Secondly, you should always think about how something will affect you and your social brand before posting it, think before you post! Lastly, you should regularly review your social brand to see what you should do differently and what you can do to improve it.

Some helpful platforms to put you on the right path to having a successful social brand are:
- Zeemee
- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn

But you are not limited to just these platforms, you can use any platform that you can come up with that will help you and your social brand, be creative and proactive about your social brand!

Always keep in mind that social branding can help you:
- look good to potential employers
- show your interests to anyone who sees your social media
- look better in the eyes of colleges looking at you

Never forget that even the smallest of actions can help you improve your social brand which as a result can help you in almost all aspects of life if you use it wisely.

My experience in class using two new platforms

The first new platform that I used was Powtoons. I found that Powtoons was a very useful site for getting my information across while also keeping my project entertaining enough to not be boring. I would suggest for someone to use Powtoons if they needed a platform to use and wanted to make a video or a slideshow, it has both options within it. You can also do a number of amazing things like adding music and animating your words to come in at a certain time in a certain way. It was useful for my project and was virtually easy to use.

The second new platform that I used was Glogster. Although Glogster is much different than Powtoons it was equally as useful. Instead of being in a video format it is in the format of a video poster that can be put up onto the smartboard and spoken to your audience. The only thing with this program that could possibly be an issue is if you do not want to have to speak for your presentation then I would not use this one because there is no video format so your audience would have to just read your information off the board which could result in being boring for them. However, it is good for many things, it has very interesting text bubbles and you can easily input pictures or anything else that you need to. This one was also overall easy to use and is something I would suggest for other to use in the future.

Overall I think either of these platforms would be useful for a project for a student or teacher to use. With both of these platforms your audience will stay entertained and it will help you teach others about whatever given topic you are trying to teach.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What is my cyber-personality?

My Predictions:
1) Social Media accounts
2) Pictures I've posted online
3) Things about my family members

My Findings:
After google searching my name I found many interesting things. Not much was there that was about me, only about people that I have connections with on social media. There were many pictures that other people have posted whom I follow that had nothing to do with me, almost nothing that came up with pictures pertained to me. When searching for websites and social media, platforms that I have used have come up, however because most of them are private accounts not much about me came up there either. As a whole when google searching my name I really did not find out much information about myself except for a few pictures of me with one of my sports teams as well as a picture of my sister.